Solar Home System is a system of stand-alone power plant , suitable for resident applications such a simple home appliances, lighting facilities, this power plantation system is an environmentally friendly, does not produce electromagnetic radiation, as well as easy installation and maintenance. The amount of energy produced depends on the intensity of sunlight and the amount of installed solar modules.




Main Component of Solar Home System

A.   Solar Module which is also called Solar Panel / Photovoltaic, is equipment that can generate electrical energy derived from sun light energy Solar module so that during the day it will produce electrical energy then stored in batteries .

B.   Battery, used to store electrical energy generated by the solar modules during the day and then be used to supply the load .

C.   Battery Control Unit is a tool, used to regulate the charging process of electric energy from solar modules to the battery and discharging electrical energy from the battery to the lamp or load .

D.   Lampu LED is a light source that serves to illuminate homes , a lamp similar to those used by PLN , because it uses the air conditioning system.

E.   Support Modul Surya is a pole used to hold solar modules on the roof .

F.   Inverter  is a tool to convert the DC voltage into AC .