Public street lighting ( PJU ) is part of the complementary buildings that can be mounted on the left , right or median road used to illuminate the road and the surrounding environment . Good street lighting can improve the safety and comfort of driving , especially at night , preventing crime ,


One alternative for street lighting is Street light Solar system . Street Light Solar system ability is to generate and store electrical energy, makes this system can reliably supply energy street lights at night . With the trend of increasingly high cost of fuel and electricity , the Solar street light can be a better choice economical and environmentally friendly . Besides the installation process is local, so it does not require soil excavation for the withdrawal of underground cables , making it suitable for areas far from the electricity installation of PLN.


Solar Street Light Systems designed in several TYPE , match the needs on the ground . Therefore , any equipment detail has been carefully calculated . Generally Solar street light components can be viewed as shown in the following diagrams:






Solar Street Light System configuration as shown above has the following main components


A.PV Module / Modul Surya

PV Module is a device that converts the energy of sunlight into electrical energy . Is a renewable energy equipment that friendly environment (clean energy) . The PV module during the day will produce electrical energy which is stored in batteries that can be used to supply the load lights at night

B.Solar Charge Controller

Is a device that regulates the process of filling the energy from PV to the battery as well as the expenditure of energy from the battery to the load ( lamps ) so that the battery is not damaged due to overcharge or overdischarge .

C.Box Battery and Control Panel

Is a panel for the container / battery casings and SCC with its wiring installation

D.Battery Bank

Used to store energy during the day of Solar Array then be used to supply the load ( lamps ) at night