Solar tree is a revolutionary urban lighting concept that represents a perfect symbiosis between pioneering design and cutting-edge eco-compatible technology. Solar tree opens up new prospects for urban lighting in that it satisfies today’s most pressing environmental, social, Cultural and aesthetic demands.

The ability to continue innovative design with advanced technology, along with an acute sensitivity to environmental concerns makes an Artemide the ideal vehicle for the development of this project.

Solar tree draws inspiration from the organic forms of nature, reinterpreting the morphology of the tree and introducing the sensuality of the natural world into the urban context. This project clearly predicts that “it celebrates design, nature and art and represents the DNA of our time”. A sinuously elegant tree with ecologically intelligent  ‘fruits’-that is LED bubbles that light up at night powered by sunlight accumulated during the day by solar panels .the aesthetic refinement of the design is thus integrated with an extremely high technological content.

solar tree